Madison Mediation

James Madison James R. Madison


Madison's basic rate of charge is the lesser of $450 per hour or $3,150 per day plus a case set-up fee of $150 per party.

Lower rates may be charged for cases in which less than $75,000 is in dispute. Cases involving less than $10,000 are handled on a pro bono basis.

Cancellation fees of one day's hearing time per week of hearings or fraction thereof are charged if arbitration hearings are cancelled after being scheduled. Travel time is not charged. However, except for hearings in Hawaii, he expects to be reimbursed for travel and lodging expenses in connection with hearings outside the San Francisco Bay Area.

No cancellation fees are charged for mediations.

Mr. Madison charges the same for cases administered by the American Arbitration Association. However, in American Arbitration Association arbitrations involving $75,000 or less, the charges are set by the Association.